It’s hard to believe but Siouxland Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer Academy along with our partner Ninja Zone has been the area’s premier fitness facility for children for nearly 40 years! Our 22,000 square foot building is dedicated solely to kids.

The gym setting and specialty rooms have been designed specifically for children as young as 12 months old and continuing through high school.  Our Jungle Gym, strictly for our youngest gymnasts, has preschool-sized equipment and a variety of teaching props in a brightly painted, festive atmosphere.  The best part…No big kids allowed!

The largest area in the facility is the gymnastics training area.  This Junior Olympic regulation room comes complete with in-ground trampolines, foam-filled pits, rod strips, spring floors and much more!

Our Ninja room is wall-to-wall padding for those wild stunts and tumbling maneuvers only Ninjas can do.  It is filled with specialized equipment designed especially for our fun-loving Ninjas who love to get crazy!

Our birthday party Tiki Hut is loaded with personality-plus!  This hut-themed, private room has tables and tiki chairs for the partiers to gorge on cake and gift opening.

Siouxland’s only “sprung” dance floor can also be found at the Academy.  This specialty floor makes dancing less stressful on joints and muscles while putting an extra spring in your step.

The martial arts room is outfitted with a special padded floor and a sparring ring for the more accomplished students. White Tiger Martial Arts has utilized this space for the past 15 years.

We didn’t forget Mom and Dad when it came time for a place in the gym.  We have over 80 feet of viewing windows into every room in the facility.  Additionally, our viewing mezzanine looks down in the gymnastics area, the martial arts studio and the Ninja room.  You can have three kids in three places, and keep an eye on all of them!

Directions: We are located right across the street from the Explorer’s Baseball Park and Rush Werks/Clyde’s. Our gym is a great big, tan building with red trim. You can’t miss us!